Demon slayer”the mugen train” DVD incident

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The incident happened to my niece.

My niece will be 9 years old on 30th this September.

My first son is same grade to her.But she hasn’t gone to school for 1 year and six months because of fearing of Corona Virus.

Especially her mother fears.

In her elementary school, only she is absent from school because of the fear of the coronavirus.

She can’t meet ,play and talk with her friends, I have a pain in her environment.

My kids went to Movie theater to watch The Movie Demon slayer”the mugen train” last year.

Of course she couldn’t go the movie theater. she couldn’t watch it.

So her parents bought her its DVD for her birthday present.

The incident happens.

On 25th September 2021, The Movie Demon slayer”the mugen train” was broadcast on television.

She will get a DVD of the movie she has already watched.

Why was The Movie Demon Slayer”the mugen train” broadcast on TV?

Demon Slayer”the Yuukaku” will be broadcast on TV on October.

The TV station wants many Japanese peole to watch the next season ”the Yuukaku” .TV station wants us to know the content of “mugen train”

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